Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Your customer account is automatically created for you once you book service with us. All emails communications with us - like service reminders has information related to how to log into our customer portal.
No, that surcharge is Not a deep clean. We find that the surcharge allow us the time needed to make the house ready for us to start managing it for you. For instance, there has been times that go to a customer for the first time and spent over 6-8 hrs because the house hadn't received cleaning for years. The surcharge also gives us freedom to price customers without going to inconvenience them to check out the house first. Technically it serves as a buffer for uncertainty for what we find during our first cleaning. Some other companies will insist on deep cleaning first before regular service begin. Which usually makes the cost of starting cleaning service too high for most customers.
Most likely we do. See full list of areas that we service.
Please see the standard or light cleaning page for full details of what is included
Please see the Deep or spring cleaning page for full details of what is included
We make it very easy to determine your service cost ahead of time. We use the size of your house to determine this. You can do this in 3 easy steps within 90 seconds. Just head over to the booking page of our website and you can find the estimated cost and book and schedule your service directly there as well.
Yes. we actually prefer to bring our supplies as the cleaning crews are trained to use specific eco friendly cleaning supplies. Introducing new cleaning supplies seems to confuse the cleaning team. If you have special need, please put in your note and we will do our best to accommodate them or use your supplies if necessary
Clean Interior Windows, Spot Clean interior walls (this is not to be confused as full scale washing of all the walls. spot clean mean, cleaning a few accidental splash of food crumbs or few spots of spilled juice say around the kitchen area. This Does not mean going around the house to clean up say a blood spill or stain that will never come off that may have been there for years.) Post Construction Clean up - this is mostly done as part of our new building make ready cleaning projects
You have several option when it comes to managing your account with us. Our system allow you to log into your customer portal to make necessary changes to your account profile. Check your email and you will find your account login information.
All of our policies is on our website and you will also receive a copy with your new customer welcome email. You may review the policies by clicking here. Thank you.
Yes. we vet all of our cleaning crew. We have have cleaned hundreds of homes and we have no problem. Our cleaners will treat your home with respect just as if you were home.
If you are not completely satisfied with our service. We will refund the amount equal to what you as a customer believe that service was worth to you. If you paid by credit card, your refund will go back into your card within 30 days. If you paid by check or cash you will receive refund within 30 days.
That is a very good question. There are few things that you can do to make your service a pleasant experience. Most important is to pick up so that the cleaning team will have opportunity to actually clean your house. All of our policies and term of service is highlighted on the terms of service and policy document that new customers receive on signing up for service. You may review the document by clicking on the above link.
Yes. Our cleaning cost does not change. Only time it will change is if you request things that are outside of your service type checklist.
No. You do not have to be home. Our booking system will alert you when the about your scheduled service 3 days and a day before cleaning day. If this is the first time we are cleaning for you, cleaning team will call you to go over your service request when they arrive at your house. If this is recurring service, and if you have a special request, you may leave a note for the cleaning team. You may also send email with any special requests.
Yes. 99% of the time, it is the same team that will be coming to your home. We believe this makes cleaning more efficient because the team get to understand your needs.
You may pay for your service using any credit or debit card. We will generally have your credit card on file during booking, that card can be used for final payment or you may leave a check with the cleaning team.
Of course we cannot read minds. Please contact us directly at 817-741-1549 to talk to a live person or complete our contact form with your questions and someone will contact you within 2 hours during office hours
Yes. we do have gift cards. You may purchase our gift card directly from our website, your friend or family will receive email notification that they have a gift card from from you. You can purchase any amount you like.