It is time to win the soap scum war in your bathroom.
» » » » It is time to win the soap scum war in your bathroom.

It is time to win the soap scum war in your bathroom.

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It is time to win the soap scum war in your bathrooms. Yes, seriously.

Yes, it is time to win it. Over the years that I have been cleaning for hundreds of customers. I have come to the conclusion that one of the reason that people call professional cleaning company is to clean two areas primarily:

The Kitchen and the bathroom.

I will  discuss the kitchen in another post and I will share few ideas on how I keep my own kitchen clean with some level of sanity. For this post, I want to discuss bathroom.

One major reason for bathroom frustration is the accumulation of soap scum on the walls of the bathroom. There is nothing more irritating than a soap scum in the bathtub when you are planning to have a relaxing bath. Or, the ugly white lines around shower glass doors and shower enclosures. The dreaded rings around the bathing area make it hard to take a bath in such unhealthy situations.

You must keep in mind that this soap scum will keep on building if you don’t do anything about it or clean it on time. Soon it will become concrete that will be hard to remove.

Soap scum monster

The soap scum is embedded on the bathtub as the combination of the body soap we use with the body oils, Minerals of water, dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria. So it is not just making your bathroom look dirty but it might cause you to slip.

Tips to fight soap scum
Soap scum can be hard to fight off. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you to get rid of the scum effectively and sometime easily:

Lemon oil:

The lemon furniture oil is the best way of removing the soap scum. You can apply it in the following way:

  • Put some lemon oil on the acrylic scrub and apply on the affected are in circular motion
  • Wipe the scum away with a soft cloth

It will not only clean the soap scum but will also leave a sweet fresh scent in your bathroom.


Instead of a chemical based cleaner, borax is a better option to use as a scouring powder. Just put some of the borax on a sponge and apply on the soap scum with a little water. Circular motions are perfect for this tough job and once you are done wash well with water.

White vinegar:

The mild acid and natural deodorizer properties of white vinegar make it the most effective way of removing soap scum. Mix vinegar with 2 drops of dish washing liquid and apply directly on the scum. Rub it and then let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Scrub well and then wash the surface with water.

Here are few more ideas to combat soap scum in your bathroom

Adding some of the following habits in your lifestyle will help you get rid of soap scum permanently:

  • Start using the liquid soap because it will not stick to the surface of the tub when dried.
  • After taking a bath dry the bathtub and shower – the easiest way to do this is to use a squeegee. Have one permanently in your bathroom. My 8 year old enjoy squeegeeing water after his bath daily. so its not too hard.
  • Wax the walls as it will not let the water stay and there will be no soap scum
  • Add Epsom salt to the bathing water
  • While using baby oil apply some of it in the shower.

If it is hard for you to remove the soap scum or you do not have the time to do so, there is no need to worry, as we are here to help you. You should be assured that where we stand there is no chance for soap scum to form. So let us fight the ugly scum for you. Book your deep clean service with Tidy Champs Cleaning service. We will make soap scum marks a thing of the past. We may even share with you some simple idea how to combat this daily. Trust me, your life will be happier in your bathrooms once you are able to conquer this monster.

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