5 Important Things to consider before Moving Into a New House
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5 Important Things to consider before Moving Into a New House

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5 Important Things to consider before Moving Into a New House

The expression “cleanliness is next to godliness” has no better application than when moving into a new house. For those with experience in moving into a new apartment, they understand what move-in or move-out cleaning mean.

When considering moving into a new house, you need a spring cleaning plan. This article talks about five important things to do before moving-in, to save you some troubles later.  Let’s explore the five things.

1.  Take care of the basics

You need to change the locks and deadbolts. Changing the locks is necessary to be sure you are the only one with the keys. Also, change your address at various places where you expect postage mails. Take care of your moving, whether by hiring a mover or engage the help of friends and families. Other things to do might include notifying your utility services to stop your bills forthwith. What about your property? Determine what’s coming and what’s not and get an inventory ready. And of course, take care of the paintings and safety of the new environment.

2.   Take care of your new place

Unless it’s a new house, you need to make sure your new home meets expected minimum standard regarding fittings and gadgets. And depending on how big it is, you either hire experts to handle some things for you or do it yourself. Things to confirm are in good working conditions include your electrical wiring and fitting, more important are your circuit breakers. Also, understand how they function, knowing which sections of the house each switch controls. Then, don’t forget your water system; are your plumbing and draining systems in good condition?

3.   Take care of safety and emergencies

Security is a top priority, especially when you are moving into a new house. Locate your emergency exits and remove any blockage. Check that your fire and smoke detectors are working and get fire extinguishers ready at the right locations. And take care of the critters; in fact, give the unwanted, immediate eviction. See that your emergency numbers are working.

4.  Take care of laundry

Before moving, make sure your carpets are clean for a fresh start. So, if you aren’t considering changing your old carpets and furniture then have cleaned. Also, make sure to wash other items in this category. Check that your furniture is ready to move and you aren’t taking uninvited guests with you.

5.   House cleaning

Whether moving to a new or a pre-owned house, cleaning is essential. For a pre-owned house, cleaning inside cabinets and similar areas is most recommended to double sure you are not keeping those that should have moved with last occupants. Carefully clean nook and cranny of the house using environmental friendly washing materials for a chemical free environment.

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