Tidy Champs Compassionate Cleaning Service and Giving Project


Tidy Champs is an active member of the community. We offer the following community service programs to our larger community.

Cleaning for a Reason project

As a company, we strive to do good in our community. Our pros provide hundreds of hours in community service to members of our community through a partnership with a non-profit organization dedicated to cleaning homes of women recovering from cancer. This partnership also allows us to clean homes for families whose life have been disrupted because of taking care of children recovering from cancer.

Find out more about cleaning for a reason from their website at www.cleaningforareason.org . If you will like to refer family members, friends and colleagues who may benefit from this service, please complete community service request form on our website or directly at the cleaning for a reason website.

Compassionate Cleaners Project initiative

Tidy Champs Cleaning Service is currently developing a new community service initiative. We call it Compassionate Cleaners Project. More information will be available as we progress through planning stages and implementation stages. To learn more about this initiative, request more information by completing our contact form or emailing us directly.

We also invite members of the community to volunteer to help clean up for cancer patients. To participate, please complete our volunteer form on our website.